The producers of Medisana develop wellness, massage and beauty products at a high technological level and supply more than 50 countries around the world. The products are of a very high quality, and Medisana won the award Brand of the Year in Germany 2018.


Medisana’s quality equipment is produced in Germany in accordance with high European standards.

User friendliness

The equipment has been developed for use in private households and with focus on user friendliness.

Quality of life

The technology has been developed for the improvement of people’s health, wellness and quality of life.


For two reasons, monitoring one’s health is becoming more important for more and more people: increased public awareness of personal health and continued progress in medical research.


Tensions become lighter, pain is relieved, and a feeling of wellness spreads through the body.
Enjoy the relaxing effect of Medisana’s massage and heating appliances.


Therapy in your own home.